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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  April 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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t minus six hours so far so gun on doyle drive the breakdown and cleanup crews have accomplished awaken. they say there's no allusion of safety but they'll do with the can have bay area sailors approach the boating season marred by tragedy. millions of americans have done it canceled cable saving quite a bit how to get your tv fixed by cutting the cord i know what to watch and i will find that good evening i'm ann notarangelo. crews have an mr. strawn doyle drive and great a temporary drive to get drivers to golden gate bridge don knapp is at the site where tomorrow's deadline looms so much has changed in two days. the monday morning commuters
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will fill like strangers or tourists as they come down this strange new road into the marina. it really is different. crews worked through the night to complete the route if all goes well of the golden gate bridge through a new tunnel and down a new the temporary road into san francisco. the first and building a billion dollar new connection to the bridge marks at a busy in and coordinated attack on 7 a five year-old doyle drive. this couple lives nearby and has been checking on the progress eyesight looking and taking pictures and we say goodbye to old doyle drive this is the golden gate sunday evening and fears the and traffic jam faded as drivers mostly avoided the spend. saturday in a dog like an army of robots punched and shoot its way through the old road why they not down leveled and
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cleared key areas for the new connector they needed to move doyle out of the way and they got the columns and lay the road that there are portions of doyle drive that were in the way of the new at grade road when and 8 t of concrete and steel remain it will take months to break off and hauled away. and where lucky me did not fall down before they got it torn down and we know it what happened to see this is amazing traffic was normal but still not as heavy for a typical sunday. traffic officers held he's backups. a huge car carrier while trying to cut through crissy field came to a halt when at the bottom out in on crissy field. builders as commuters to be cautious. midwest levers to take it slow and pay attention. there is a transition yet to come through the tunnel and down
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into the detour, it is not a dramatic curve it is a smooth transition. when all need to pay attention and so far traffic not an issue, when know how that can change. tune in tomorrow morning at 434 cbs 5 early edition. you can track the project on our web site cbs s f. com and tune in to keep cbs. they have traffic updates every 10 minutes. a blind chinese activist to expose government secrets may be under the protection of american officials or not the. no one is saying anything, linda yee x. when is what is happening and could great a dilemma between the u.s. and china. this human rights activist
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in protective custody in the u.s. embassy in beijing and other americans are chinese will admit that. and the two governments are not now acknowledging he is in custody which means that might be talking about it and private is the best way to work out a disagreement secretary of state kafiri clinton will be in china with the treasury secretary for talks. his fate could affect the fragile relationship between the two countries the white house says he will balance human rights with key countries like china. the president would do what is in the best interest of united states as well as with the individuals involved. he is protesting forced abortions and sterilization. after being released from jail under house arrest but last sunday at his cape his guards this weekend he released a
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video pleading with the chinese premier and to stop abusing his family suffers at the hands of police. he said more than a dozen men broke into his house and beat him and his wife. cbs 5 political analyst said both the united states and china have a stake in diffusing the crisis. it is a gates were they need united states to be healthy and have a good relationship we are their largest market for all the cheap markets to products that may because of outsourced of art and production to china. this is not resolved before clinton visits she may be forced to talk about it. he is a well-known dissident. china has said many times criticism from the united states and other western governments is unwelcome meddling in domestic affairs. a fragile relationship hundreds gathered to watch
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against genocide they circled like marilyn in oakland. state law makers 7 and april genocide awareness month citing genocides that began this month the helped draw attention to murders taking place and are for fighting between government forces began in 2003. it's family mourns seven of its members who died in a car crash in new york today. the s u v shot for three lanes of traffic and plunged 50 ft. onto an anti part of the bronx zoo. it was removed by investigators to are coming to terms with what they found. the injuries quite terrific i've seen something like this once or twice in 30 years everyone taken aback. the dead included an elderly couple and three granddaughters and two other women. not clear why the driver lost
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control of the wheel. investigators are looking into the safety of that stretch of the bronx parkway. the coast guard has suspended a search for sailors missing after a yacht racing crash, three others on the 37 but edgy and were killed it was taking part in a 125 mi. race from and sonata in mexico to newport beach. it collided with a larger share near coronado. they have been identified as a 57 year-old man from torrance and the 64 year-old man from braden and florida. a sailor working patrol and area said debris was strewn across 3 mi.. it looks like it went through a blender. very few pieces at all that were better than six square inches. this boat was chewed up. in a third sailor recovered
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has yet to be identified. tbilisi's and in the bay area has been marred by tragedy it begins today it. local sellers are taking precautions in the wake of the farallon item shot crash two weeks ago. they told anne mackovic is on a so much they can do. and how opening day on the day before hundreds of local sailors ready to take to the water but there's another euphemism that rings true in the sea is an unforgiving mistress proven again this weekend with another deadly yachting accident in southern california. have signed of the san francisco bay when five crew members aboard the " low-speed chase " died after being slammed by two huge waves near the farallon islands april 14th a terrible tragedy, it does
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not deter us from continuing on the coast guard has temporarily suspended racing outside of the bay so organizers can review safety plans. a raise is are scheduled for this weekend and may 12th you cannot have the problems we had and not have a good investigation not looking for a way to blame on someone but can we learn something from this? the coast guard auxiliary was present during today's ceremony. safety comes to people's minds when these things happen chisholm the bay area's yacht clubs are reviewing their own recommendations. in each crew should have a safety briefing and inspect the gare and snap on a field outside the gate and the coast guard has not announced when it will raise the moratorium on racing anne mackovic reporting chisholm fremont police have arrested an 18 year-old man and three
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juveniles in connection with a fatal stabbing at a house party. others responded to gunshots. the undermanned leading near hyde park and yellowstone park rides, he died after one this morning when this is a 100 people, many of them high-school students work at the party. another 80 year-old shot dead on the campus of lowell elementary school in san jose. others went to the school and 9:25 p.m. after hearing reports of shots fired. homicide is the 12th in san jose this year. police in san francisco looking into a pair of overnight shootings that sent two people to hospital. after two this morning i man was shot in the leg near montgomery and vallejo streets. an hour later, and and in the passenger seat of a car was shot in potrero hill that will considered life-threatening.
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police have not released the identities. they're able to find our own boys through the radio. and not the only one who feels helpless when the to get ourselves together and 20 years ago tonight riots began in southern california and those who chose peace could be heard. the disease may be the same but the treatments are not doctors recommend kids with diabetes be given twice as many drugs as adults. given twice as many drugs as adults. [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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no justice no peace! 20 years ago tonight parts of south los angeles went up and phalanges, 55 people killed in riots that began after the rodney king verdict. the rights lasted six days and caused more than $1 billion in damage. some angelenos found their voice as john blackstone shows us on the radio. there's no police presence down here that day everything changed. in his home on a q and was on the air when on the streets long-simmering frustration turned to rage.
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and green because it is showing we as black are nothing we became the people listen to the voice of an angry public. when nobody else was listening to? no. stop at with got to be together one call still haunts the station's former morning man rico reed i cannot believe these kids and people are out here doing this to our community. i remember her passion i could hear her tears at made me want to cry i'm heard the verdict is what it was by hurd for our people in this is not what you call a dan revolution has revolution brings about positive change. your heart goes out to people like that. for a community in turmoil in k j l h was a place to
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connect i called reverend jackson and set to got to come out here this is getting out of control. sizzling the burden for running teen was unjust we must not compound the pain by killing each other and by destroying we're live. he walked in the studio and did not leave for three days, which sat there and try to calm folks down. and with looting and anarchy continues the announcers listened while listeners talked. we need to get ourselves together as a community the voices of the community were captured on the ready station and that stays with me as long as i live. those voices a lot of people in pain. the ugliest most disgusting thing i've ever seen, this is not the way for us to vent our
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frustration, this is what they expect us to do. and for three days k j l h was more than a ready station it was a beacon in l.a.'s darkest hour. the idea many of the tv show and is changing. more people are giving cable the boot but not giving up their favorite shows. how consumers are losing their remotes for good. the next generation of yours is resourceful tech savvy and laughing all the way to the bank and couch how much money are you saving a year with cable we were spending $60 a month, now or spending $6 a month so saving quite a bit. he watches to live with this x box after cancelling cable a month ago and gets local channels with the ht antenna made by a friend for 60 bucks.
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for jan it is about saving money and the principle and i know one to watch and of find it rather than having this all access buffet of stuff i don't care for it at and then ashley other man, a college graduate she drags out a six your laptop connects the speakers and waits and waits. it is not pretty but it is free. it annoys me and it denies that a bigger screen and easier in, he to turn on the tv and have a favorite joke but but also nice to $7,000 for me in this according to this report from canada 2.6 5 million americans have canceled cable or satellite since 2008. and includes a million people who gets last year alone
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streaming all that tv and content to the mobile device and by the end of this year another million people will ditch their cable. there are drawbacks in sports fans have a hard time finding live games leading up streaming devices and navigating choices can take a while and some content cannot be seen anywhere except the cable subscription or much later on ddt. cable and satellite are dominant in with a hundred million subscribers. c-net editor ditch his capel said you do try and he is into a don't go cold turkey and it is a different experience. i went through withdrawal. he is not be too afraid of an you can always get your cable package back we caught up with the ceo of comcast neil smith, in san jose
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for a community event. he says comcast is launched a new service we analyze all the competition and we don't bury our head in the sand like to have great products and service. an interesting side effect to cutting the cord people and of watching have as much tv as before. that's less time on the couch. kiddo for cbs 5. that is the funding of scientific publishing in the new england journal of medicine. obesity a major factor in diabetes, a type 2 diabetes is more aggressive in young people between ages of 10-17. we want them to grow up and have healthy lives and not have heart attacks or strokes at young ages. today is that a fine
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standard treatment for type do in children is in effect of that is because the drugs prescribed for adults fails in children the combination of two drugs could save many from the condition. temperatures: as we go to the work week. the day you may need an umbrella coming u,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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time to start thinking about the work where it julie watts this year. the weather will be pretty nice for most of the weight. seasonal temperatures. a checkup mid-week. we should not see too much rain. the weather had lines work week is cooling will top out in the mid to upper 80's today. we bring back down to seasonal norms. mostly sunny for most of the week. possible showers wednesday into thursday. tonight we build up the a marine
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layer. it will push and further inland. high pressure in place, a weakening ridge will help cool us down tomorrow. we will be mostly sunny monday and tuesday we have a system passing to the north wednesday and thursday may bring with it a chance of showers primarily for north bay. primarily north of golden gate. we will be able to pinpoint better as a get closer. a look at the temperatures for tomorrow, all in all mice. 76 at santa rosa 64 at pacifica 794 mountain view. hovering for the next couple of days mid-seventies from a warmer spots on tuesday. a tad bit cooler on wednesday with increasing clouds.
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more so once they into thursday and and a chance of showers, mainly north of the golden gate 9 area why. friday we dry things out and warm up. more so heading into next week and if you like this weekend you'll like next week and not quite as warm. but relatively mild mid-70s and plenty of sunshine. looking good where we should be. but keep the umbrella handy mid- week. i think if you live in north bad there is a good chance you may see sprinkles but a fast-moving system. a and we had to make you think the storm door is starting to close? you never really can tell i would love to say absolutely but the crystal ball is at home. are you willing to pay for a taste of life as the state's
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head honcho the people who run the state parks will sell and how they will raise cash. and dennis o'donnell next on game day giants are looking for a big hit from anybody an unlikely source answered the bell today and during never a bigger upset in nba playoff history. a j to the 49ers but his friends know him from different and initials. our sit down and have you with a j jenkins on game day. ,,,,,,,,
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